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Zao Onsen Ski Resort Ski & Snowboarding School Information

School NameTELURL
Zao Ski School +81-(0)23-694-9381
Zao Heim Ski School+81-(0)23-694-9357
Zao Grand Ski School+81-(0)23-694-9488
Zao Utopia Ski School+81-(0)23-694-2128
Zao Freizeit Schischule+81-(0)23-694-9259
Austria Ski School+81-(0)3-3230-2602
Zao Snowboard School+81-(0)23-694-9254

Slope Information

Sunrise Slope

Located on the right side of the Uwanodai Slope, it has two courses, one for beginners and intermediate skiers and another one for intermediate and expert skiers. One of those courses has a steep slope good for pole practice. The Nakamori Slope is accessible through the Kamoshika Bridge located on the side of the slope.

Nakamori Slope

Located in front of the Zao Chuo Ropeway Onsen Station, it is of easy access due to its closeness to the hot spring resort’s central street. It is possible to enjoy almost 4 km of downhill ski from the Chuo Ropeway Torikabuto Station through the Central Slope, the Taihei Course, the Sunrise Slope, and finally the Nakamori Slope.

Omori Slope

Located at the lowest altitude of the Zao Onsen Ski Resort, the Omori Giant course offers multiple various courses. While the peak of Mt.Yokokura is accessible by the four-person lift Omori Quattro, the Omori Wall has moguls at a maximum angle of 32 degrees for experts, and there is a slope for kids at the base.

Kurohime Slope

Offering direct access to the Juhyo “Ice Monsters” area with the Kurohime No.1 Quattro Lift, the Kurohime Super Giant Course, which has a peak angle of 26 degrees and a total length of 1.7 km, is a long course with numerous sudden slow and rapid changes. The Kurohime Connection Course is a course connecting the Juhyogen Course to the Kurohime area.

Hyakumannin Slope

Located in the middle of the Juhyogen Course at the bottom of the Utopia Slope, it is a broad slope with a width varying from 100 up to 200 meters. Offering a great view from the lifts, it is ideal for family skiing and practice.

Utopia Slope

Located in front of the Zao Ropeway Juhyo Kogen Station in the middle of the Juhyogen Course, it is popular for its moderate slope and good snow quality. It is usually open until the beginning of May every year. The top of the slope will be filled with the famous Ice Monsters and the scenic mountains far away can be gazed upon on a clear day.

Shobunuma Slope

Located in front of the Paradise Slope at the starting point of the Taihei Course 4 km from the Uwanodai Slope, it has moguls with an average angle of 10 degrees. The Paradise slope can be used to cut through from the Juhyogen Course at the peak of the mountain toward the Central Course.

Kotan Slope

Located on the left side of the Paradise Course, it offers on sunny days a direct view of the impressive surrounding mountains and a peak at those in the distance.

Diamond Valley

Located in front of the Zao Sky Cable Chuo Kogen Station at the bottom of the Dokko Pond, it is a quiet course protected from winds by the surrounding beech forest. Its three slopes are best for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Takatori Course

onnected from the Zao Sky Cable Chuo Kogen Station to the Uwanodai Slope, it is a varied course approximately 3 km long. Its gentle slope from the beginning to its middle turns to a steep pitch of about 23 degrees when reaching the area of the Uwanodai Slope, but it is still accessible for beginners due to the large width of its course.

Ohira Course

Connecting the Paradise and the Shobunuma slopes with the Uwanodai and Sunrise slopes, it is an approximately 5 km long course with an average width of 30 meters offering a variation of moderate slopes with sudden steep pitches in the middle.

Renraku Course

Connecting the Utopia Slope to the Shobunuma, Paradise and Central slopes, it is a comparatively narrow course with good snow quality and an even gentle slope making for an enjoyable slide.

Karamatsu Course

Connecting the Ryuzan Slope and the Sogo Ground parking area, it is a cross-country skiing course with a moderate slope going through woodland of Japanese larch.

Omori Giant Course

Connecting the Juhyogen Course near Mt.Yokokura to the Omori slope, it is an almost 1 km long glade skiing course. It offers routes for beginners, intermediate and expert skiers. The Omori Wall, one of the three walls of the ski resort with a peak angle of 32 degrees, is located at the end of the course.

Sailer Course

Starting from the Zangezaka Course and going to the Paradise Slope and the Central Slope, it is an intermediate course among frost-covered trees. The large amount of powdered snow makes for an enjoyable slide while surrounded with splendid nature.

Kurohime Super Giant Course

Starting from Mt. Kurohime and accessed by using the Kurohime No. 1 Quattro Lift, it is a wide and 1.7 km long course offering a satisfying variety of gentle and steep slopes. The view of the winter woods from the lifts is truly scenic.

Kurohime Connection Course

Going through the Hyakumannin Slope toward the Kurohime parking area, it is an approximately 1.5 km course running between trees and accessible by the Kurohime No. 2 Quattro Lift.